Writing Activities


 Writing Activities


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Writing Activity: Power 11

There’s so many powers to choose from! How do you choose one that hasn’t been done a million times?

Writing Activities: My Dragon Breathes…

Okay, so I think it’s pretty clear that Dragons are cool. And this particular writing activity is all about them.


Writing Activity: 11 Rooms

This activity is all about being creative. When you force yourself to think a little harder about things, you can come up with ideas you…

Writing Activity: Oddest Team in the World

Stories are almost always about some sort of conflict. One character wants one thing, the other doesn’t want them to have it. Or, maybe they…

Writing Activities: Look and Listen: Favorite Place

The idea behind this writing activity is about paying attention, and noticing things that you might not have noticed before.


Writing Activities: Favorite Song

Our fun writing activity for today is actually about music!I love to listen to songs while I write.

Writing Activities: Everyone Needs a Pet

Brainstorm several ideas and write about a few of them. Where do these pets like to hang out? What food do they like or hate?…


Writing Activities: Design your own Plant

When it comes to fantasy and science fiction, we get to make the world look however we want. Storms can give people magic powers, rocks…


Writing Activities: Playground

Design and write about your own park! What is everyone’s favorite thing to do at the park? Are there good reading spots, or are you…

Writing Activities: Life as a Bug

Write a story about a bug. As you write, think and explore exactly how the world might look different.

Writing Activities: Spooky

Welcome creatives! Let’s talk about something spooky…

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