Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Writing Activities: Playground



Playgrounds and parks are basically the best things ever. They’re good for writing in, reading in, playing in, basically they’re good for everything. Out here where I live, we have lots of different kinds of parks. Some of them have lakes and walking paths as if you’re out in the woods. Others have playgrounds with slides about the size of mountains. Oh, then there’s that park we like in South Carolina that has ALLIGATORS in it. Creepy.

So, here’s our next writing project!

Design and write about your own park! What kind of plants grow there? What kind of toys or equipment are available? Is it a park from a long, long time ago? Or is it a park that will be created someday in the future? What is everyone’s favorite thing to do at the park? Are there good reading spots, or are you too busy watching (or running away from) the wildlife?

Prompts to get you started:

What play equipment does your playground or park have?

What doe does your park or playground smell like?

Who comes to the park most often? (Teens, kids, toddlers…)

Is there anything exciting and/or dangerous?

What’s the one thing people love most about going there?

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