Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Writing Activities: Everyone Needs a Pet



I’m a pretty big fan of magical creature and/or animal companions. They help the heroes plan their adventures and learn life lessons. Disney princesses have them in many forms.  They might be cute, cuddly, or crabby sidekicks who help the hero on their way. One of my favorite books features the main character sitting on rooftops chatting with her talking dog. So, for today, write about the pets or creatures that hang out in your world.

Think about what they look like. What do they do? Are they normal everyday sort of animals like cats, dogs, or snakes? Or do they talk or have magical powers? Some pets might just be good listeners. Brainstorm several ideas and write about a few of them. Where do these pets like to hang out? What food do they like or hate? Are they cute or scary? (Or cute AND scary at the same time!) Give them each a name and describe what they look like and how they help or hinder the hero of your story.

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