Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Writing Activity: Oddest Team in the World


Stories are almost always about some sort of conflict. One character wants one thing, the other doesn’t want them to have it. Or, maybe they both want the same thing but only one can get it. This creates tension and conflict in a story. But conflict doesn’t just come from enemies, there’s plenty of friend groups who experience conflict too. If a group of ragtag thieves have to team up to save the world Guardians of the Galaxy or Last Kids on Earth style, then all sorts of interesting things can happen along the way, which is why I’m excited to announce the next writing activity!

You will either need to write down your own cards, or print out the PDF file for this activity. Either way, each card should have a type of character on it. It might be a pirate, ninja, a 5-year-old-girl… Whatever you want. Your writing challenge today is to draw at least two of these cards at random and form a team out of them. Write a story about these two interacting with each other. What draws them to each other? What irritates them? What special skills does each have? How can they work together?

Each person on a team brings something different to the table. They bring some skills that might be helpful, and they bring some habits that might drive the other characters up a wall. But somehow, things tend to work out. After all, even if they can’t get along, the world still needs saving!

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