Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Writing Activity: 11 Rooms



Super fun, brain-bending writing activity today!

Pretend you have a huge house. In your house, there are 11 rooms. Without repeating any, (you can only have one bedroom) list what each room is for. You might have a kitchen, bathroom. dining room etc.… But what comes after all those normal rooms? What do you have? A bug room where you farm cockroaches? (Please no!) Or a room dedicated to toy trains. Maybe you have a candy making room, a fairy garden room, or like Daniel, in my current project, an evil villain lab full of ridiculous inventions.

This activity is all about being creative. When you force yourself to think a little harder about things, you can come up with ideas you have never thought of before. This is a great writing skill to develop! Because even if you write something set in a ‘normal’ place and time, the special attention and thought you put into little details is what makes your own writing unique from anyone else’s.

So, write about 11 rooms in your huge house. What are they for? What do they look like? What’s in them?

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