Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Carmen White is a writer who spent her childhood falling off horses and raising baby goats. 
Carmen studied Creative Writing At BYU-Idaho and writes books about her many adventuresbe it real life or imaginary. 
She now lives in North Carolina where she’s raising two more outdoor loving/bookworm hybrids just like herself.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Character Design- Clothing



If you watch cartoons, you have probably noticed that the characters often wear the same thing over and over. This is for a couple reasons. It helps keep them consistent for one thing. Wouldn’t you hate to be the group of animators who have just spent WEEKS on a scene only to find that your main character magically changed outfits halfway through?

Clothing can also tell you a lot about who a character is, or how they feel.  Superhero’s actually do undergo a costume change occasionally, often marked not just by new artists drawing their own take on it, but a dramatic change in their stories.  Superboy in Young Justice for example starts his life out in white, but quickly changes to something black and brooding when Superman rejects him. How would that story and character feel different if he’d kept his original colors? Or tried to copy Superman’s blue costume?

GiGi, my insecure pile of amorphic goo, wears something long sleeved and warm when in her human-ish form. She’s shy and insecure, and what she chooses to wear tells us that.

Monica’s clothing in Ghost and Girl is another good example of hinting at her feelings, but it also has a plot aspect to it too. She wears an oversized coat that envelopes her and she holds her backpack protectively close so she has everything she needs right at hand. This hints that despite her bravery against those ‘spooky’ ghosts, she really is unsure of herself at times, and might be carrying around am important secret.

So, the activity for today: Take a character of yours and change their outfit. Put them in something opposite of what they generally like to wear, put them in a few things that are ridiculous in their situation, or let them switch clothes with their best friend. Maybe switch outfits with the villain or antagonist! Not only is it fun to play around with, but you might find that your villain kind of likes superhero capes. Or you might find that the boy wearing his coat to the beach does so because he’s cursed and always feels cold. It’s fun to put your characters in new places and situations. Experiment with it and see how it feels to you. You might find something you like better, or you might realize why the way they look and the things they wear are so important to them and the story you’re telling.

Also, if you want a good comic to read for free, check out Monica's story On Webtoons.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Writing Activity the Box


The Box


When I develop a new character, I like to get to know them with an activity I call "The Box." It’s a fun way to dig into their history and personality, and sometimes it can be a good plot booster too, especially if I'm feeling stuck. This writing exercise helps me understand what is important to my character and their story.

So, for this activity, you take a blank sheet of paper and imagine that this is a box your character has. It’s an important box, the kind they might keep tucked away under their bed, or hid in some other secret place to keep it safe. On your paper, list or draw the things that they keep inside their box.  These are the things that they love, the things that bring back memories, or the things they know are important, but are still a mystery to them.

One of my main Characters, Finley, really does have a box. Inside it she keeps letters from her parents along with instructions on how to forge important documents, and a thieves guild ring from her dad. (Good ol' dad is always watching out for her!)
Monica, the main (living) character in Ghost and Girl doesn’t have a physical box, but if she did, she would keep old firework labels in it. She’d keep pictures of her family and a coat of her dad's. These items say something about her. It tells us what she loves, what she misses, and what’s important to her. Some of this stuff appears during the actual story, other stuff might not show up, but it's still there. As writers, we know that the things in our characters' boxes make up an important part of who they are.

 Let's go read some comics!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Coming soon!

Ghost & Girl


Ghost & Girl is HERE my friends! It was a lot of work, but finally you can read our awesomely fun and heartwarming mini series. 

 Episodes are updated weekly.


A nervous ghost is haunted by a living girl. He's stuck with her until he can help her come to terms with some unfinished business.

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