Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Writing Activities: Design your own Plant



When it comes to fantasy and science fiction writing, we get to make the world look however we want. Storms can give people magic powers, rocks can be sparkling marbles of glass or metal, the sky can be purple, and the leaves of trees can be navy blue in color. I’m surprised there’s not even weirder things out there A lot of books keep things pretty mellow. But why? I mean, you’re the writer! I once wrote a short story where everything was made of glass. It was pretty cool.

So, be creative. Describe a type of plant that grows on your world. Is it short? tall? Mustard yellow? Does it sparkle? I think sparkling flowers would be super cool. You can write about it or draw a picture. How is it unique? Does it do anything important? Or is there just to be pretty? (Or horrifying if you prefer.) It’s all up to you, and the sky ISN’T the limit, your own mind is. Which is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

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