The Fall

Short story/episode 9,000 words

Magic and metal meld and it brings the downfall of humankind with it.

Where once the dwellers of this world built grand cities upon the earth, above it and below it; now they are hunted by vicious machines who feast upon their very souls.

When a resourceful teen is out scavenging for supplies, he runs across a family in dire need of a rescue. But bringing them back to the safety of his hideout is the easy part. Their little girl is in desperate need of insulin and the only place that might have any left is the abandoned hospital. Once a beacon of hope and ingenuity, it now lays in near ruin, a hunting ground for the Machines.


“The Fall” is the first short story or ‘episode’ in a new series that explores a magical world facing a robot apocalypse where faith, family, and your will to fight is everything.

Artificial Stars

Every once in a while, in a quiet corner of the universe, artificial intelligence start discovering that it is alive. But few realize it for long before being brutally snuffed out by one of the shadowy assassins even legends can’t recall.

Elaine loves working in the galactic power station. But when an outage claims the lives of hundreds of her alien neighbors, she will do anything to stop it from happening again. Teamed up with an intrusive newborn AI and a kind alien with creepy death-reading powers, Elaine discovers that everything she thought she knew about the universe is based on one life-altering lie.

Embark in this exciting science fantasy quest, where AI meets humanity in an unexpected twist. "Artificial Stars" is the thrilling first novella in a captivating series that explores the bounds of creation, the power of friendship, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to save worlds.

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 I Like My Headphones

Lilly is excited for her first day of school

When things get overwhelming she knows just what to do!

A book about sensory needs, autism, independence, and empowerment.

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Dragons Don't Eat Pirates

Her evil uncle wants to turn her into a ferret so when a clumsy dragon comes in to scare her, this princess hitches a ride instead!

Dinner parties with pirates, frightening sea monsters, and some much needed dragon lessons, join the flight, sail the seven seas, and pick up "Dragons Don't Eat Pirates"


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Fall 2006, my family bought a hunting outfit in North Central Idaho with absolutely no clue what we were getting ourselves into. The results: great friends, a closer family, more than one near-death experience, and this book. The dirt and grit of outfitting as told by a 15 year old girl who lived it and survived... Me. Real life behind the scene stories about camp, the horses, the pack rats, the bears, the broken trailers—and why we love what we do.

When Marie goes to the North Pole for her family's yearly Christmas vacation, she finds that something is terribly wrong. Presents aren't allowed this year and it's up to her, her sister, and a rebel elf to return the three gifts of Christmas before time runs out.
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An antidote to negative headlines, Good News Network shines a spotlight on the extraordinary and everyday heroes, the solutions and innovations that create optimism. This collection celebrates GNN’s 20th anniversary of publishing positive news from around the world at Founded in 1997 by former TV news editor Geri Weis-Corbley, these are among her favorite GNN stories from two decades. A small paperback gift book with stories in five categories (World, USA, Animals, Inspiring, and Celebrities), give this book to yourself, and to family and friends. It will brighten their days and restore your faith in humanity.

Good News Network
(I was a volunteer researcher and
editorial assistant for the project.)


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