Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Writing Prompts Day 2


What Does Your Character Believe In?

One of my characters, Sallij, believes that her home planet is not only alive, but sentient. While the belief has fallen out of popularity on her home world, she and many others still carry little vials of dirt from the homeworld when they can not be on planet. even though she's lived on a space station for several years, she still longs for the safety of her world.

What Animals are in you World? Are any Endangered?

Unfortunately, I sometimes miss thinking about animal life in my world building. But now that I know it's a weak point, I am fixing it! Kiirin has a pet from their homeworld. It is kind of a vine looking thing with many legs. It generally moves slowly and preferably at night. And, despite Elaine's initial panic, no it does NOT try to strangle anyone in the night. That's a silly thought, as they are quite tame.

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